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"off the stairs, still stuttering​.​"

by Tim Lake

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Effortlessly 05:44
i switch my brain, on and off again flick my wrist, like a switch blade blue jeans wrapped around my white legs effortlessly burn my skin in the white light self-esteem in a fist-fight blue veins wrapped around my white cells effortlessly call my name, "Tim its time to go!" ride the wind through the undertow two lips wrapped around my tongue, tied, effortlessly unseen plates shake you to the core sway your hips on the dancefloor disco round and round we all go effortlessly sun escapes drags away the dawn reach inside my yell becomes a yawn foolish games aside you send me, effortlessly wild
i fell my family tree, my dendrochronology i'm listed in between boxcars and Sicily once, twice, three times i rake the leaves four, five, six times they whisper 'cross the breeze i float across the street and photograph the cemetery and there below my feet: Charlotte & Emory once, twice, three times i sow the seeds four, five, six times i harvest weeds that pale pavilion, in the twilight eventide it fades into vermillion, as the june bugs suffocate july. i miss my empty room, underneath the widow's walk i miss the afternoon, when i used to lay with you once, twice, three times before you sleep four, five, six times the gravity i see a vision of a thousand symphonies that drift upon a daydream, and off to Ganymede that pale pavilion, in the twilight evening sky it fades into vermillion, as the june bugs suffocate july.
The Eunuch 02:00
i had a dream and you were there the room filled up with newspaper and on the front page, plain as ever a polaroid of us in outer space with the "Angel From Montgomery" spinning on my turntable open my eyes to find you were gone for good up the hill and down the slope, i wander on up the hill again adam tells me "Abyssinia - it is what it is so let it be." and again i miss my train caught up in the turnstile back to the empty house soaked in alcohol it's in the stars we'll meet again the tarot told me twice, my friend heaven help me, God forgive me i feel the Earth move beneath my bed we'll meet again it's plain to see underneath the old oak tree the smell of the autumn breeze blowing through the leaves
Grace Notes 07:36
you should practice what you preach if you wanna be a saint, dear and you should keep it within reach if you wanna land a steady career but off we go, off we go again i've been here twice off we go, off we go again i realize you should practice what you preach if you wanna keep your head, dear and you should temper what you teach if you wanna stake a new frontier but off we go, off we go another context off we go double back into the reflex


released April 4, 2011


all rights reserved



Tim Lake Washington, D.C.

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